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How to Convert and Upload H.265/HEVC to YouTube in Win/Mac

When you want to share some videos online using YouTube, you are not sure which quality to use. Many users who use some latest H.265 cameras like Samsung  NX1 would complain that "My attempts at uploading H.265 videos to YouTube fail during processing." Some users even said "There is no such thing as h.265/HEVC won't be processed till YouTube can decide to support it." It is obvious that upload H.265/HEVC movies to YouTube or Vimeo may cause some  issues, however, in the following page, we are going to provide you the efficient methods of converting H.265/HEVC to YouTube. 

To tackle the problem that YouTube doesn't support the uploading of videos using the HEVC/h.265 codec, the best way is transcode H.265 into the format that YouTube can recognize. Here, you can rely on this reliable H.265/HEVC converter – Dimo Video Converter Ultimate to aid you to upload H.265 to YouTube successfully. In particular, this functional HEVC video converter is able to convert H…