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How to Fast Convert RMVB to MP4 without Losing Quality?

RMVB is bad. Follow to convert RMVB to MP4 for better compatibility with iPhone iPad Android TV QuickTime etc. without quality loss. using free RMVB to MP4 converter.
RMVB (RealMedia Variable Bitrate) format is very popular in the direct download world, especially due to the distribution of Chinese movies, TV shows and Japanese animations a few years ago. However, the biggest problem with RMVB files is that they can not be played on iPhone iPad Android devices and many other media players. Converting RMVB to Device and Media Player Widely Accepted MP4 is a direct solution to RMVB incompatibility issues. This tutorial demonstrates how to use the RMVB to MP4 converter to convert RMVB / RM to iPhone, iPad, iPod, PSP, Android mobile devices, TV, QuickTime, iTunes, etc., without breaking quality at a fast speed.

Since RMVB is a dead format, many free RMVB to MP4 converter software like Handbrake doesn't support RMVB as input, and many outputs messed video. To achieve the …