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How to Get Android Videos into Windows Movie Maker

Can't import video from your Android to Windows Movie Maker? To fix this, you need to convert Android video to a more editing-friendly format like WMV for Windows Movie Maker. Here is the simple how-to.

Android phones or tablets are rapidly gaining in popularity these days, recent news showed that Android have outsold Apple iPhone/iPad for the first time on record in USA. Movie Maker is windows and above with a video clip software, it is relatively simple, you can combine the lens, sound, add the camera to switch effects, suitable for home after some small-scale processing. You can make different movies by editing on Windows Movie Maker. If you shot some great HD video clips with your Android and now you want to transfer them to your laptop, you just let the Windows Movie Maker app help you. However, you may encounter similiar problems when importing the Android videos to Windows Movie Maker .

The article would show you how To change format for Windows Movie Maker step …